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Our students are making headlines, and we want to share all the great news with you. We will keep this page updated with important announcements, news stories, and student shout-outs. Please check back often, and help us celebrate our students’ many achievements.

Back-to-School Parent Town Hall

State Superintendent Tony Thurmond will host a virtual Back-to-School Parent Town Hall on Wednesday, September 28, from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. The California Department of Education wants to hear your concerns, needs, and ideas about California schools and ways to improve your school experience. Register through the town hall pre-registration form or join the parent town hall on Facebook Live. For more information, please read the Back-to-School Parent Town Hall Letter from State Superintendent Tony Thurmond.

Book Fair

Our school book fair is on Monday, October 10 through Friday, October 14 in the school parking lot. Choosing their own books empowers kids and inspires them to become bolder, prouder, and stronger readers. As always, every book they buy earns rewards for our school.

If you cannot make it to the fair, then shop at our school’s online book fair. All orders ship directly to your home, and shipping is free for book orders over $25. Your online orders will also benefit our school. Please see below for more information.

Picture Day

Mark your calendars for picture day! On September 28 at 8:30 a.m. we will be taking pictures of those pearly whites in the gymnasium! Please arrive on time.

Eagle Extravaganza

All students who maintain perfect attendance beginning Monday, September 12 through Friday, September 30, will be eligible to participate in our Eagle Extravaganza.

  • Wednesday, September 28 - Movie Day
  • Thursday, September 29 - Pizza Day
  • Friday, September 30 - Game Truck

We hope we have lots of participants!

Extreme Heat Guidance

The western part of the United States is suffering from a dangerous heat wave. The California Department of Education is partnering with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to provide critical information for school communities. Please review the Health Guidance for Schools During Extreme Heat letter from the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the CDPH Interim Health Guidance publication for information about dealing with this heat wave.

Fall MAP Testing

Fall MAP testing begins September 12, 2022! Please make sure your child(ren) get a good night's rest the night before and that they eat a hearty breakfast in the morning during their testing week. Please view the Fall MAP Testing Schedule to know when your child(ren)'s testing session begins! Teachers tell us that successful test-takers tend to be students with good attendance, homework, and study habits; therefore, your daily assistance with homework and attitude toward school have the biggest impact on your child's performance. However, there are key ways you can develop his test-taking ability.

Optimize Brain Power

Teachers say the students who struggle the most on testing days are the ones who didn't have enough sleep or a good breakfast the day of the test. Also, students who are physically or mentally unprepared often encounter problems. Make sure she has every tool she needs. This includes pencils, an eraser, paper, a calculator, etc. laid out the night before as well as any preliminary paperwork filled out if possible. If she isn't feeling well on the test day, it's better to keep her home and let her make up the test later rather than risk poor performance.

Encourage Good Study Habits and Challenge Critical-Thinking Skills

Reviewing test-taking strategies is important, but monitoring overall academic progress and staying in good communication with the teacher will help you ward off potential problems. Good reading skills factor heavily in a timed test, so encourage reading (consider magazines, newspapers, or even comic books if he shies away from books) as much as possible. Testing also measures critical-thinking ability, so ask him to discuss ideas or voice his opinion often to stimulate these thought processes.

Know What to Expect

Most teachers will send home information about the test schedule and class preparation plans well before the test date. However, if you don't hear from your child's teacher you should contact her to find out:

  • What is the name of the test and what will it measure?
  • What's the format? (multiple choice, essay, short answer, etc.)
  • How will the class prepare in school?
  • How is it scored?
  • Will students receive penalties for incorrect answers or should they guess randomly when stumped on a question?
  • When will you receive the results?
  • What are the test's implications?
  • Will it affect the child, school, or both?
  • Are there any specific ways you can help your child prepare?

Look at Your Child's Past Performance

If she scored low in a particular area, you may want to provide her with exercises that reinforce that subject. Aim for activities that simulate the testing experience, such as multiple choice geometry questions or vocabulary practice that asks her to identify antonyms or synonyms. Workbooks geared towards standardized test preparation often provide these kind of exercises. Avoid drilling her in areas where she excels because you run the risk of boring her and her losing patience with testing.

Provide Practice Opportunities

You may be able to request sample or practice tests from your child's school or find them at the library. Be sure to time any practice tests (assuming the standardized test are timed) so he's not surprised by time constraints on test day. Start practicing several weeks before the date and keep study sessions short. Setting small goals such as learning five new words each session will help him measure his progress and boost his confidence. Make sure he takes off the night before the test. Cramming can increase his stress level.

Relax and Remain Positive

The best test-takers are confident, committed, and at ease. Even if you are nervous about her performance, be wary of transferring that concern to your child. You never know, some kids actually enjoy tests! If she is likely to get nervous, practice a few relaxation techniques, such as counting from one to ten or taking deep breaths, which can help her relieve tension during the test.

Class Dojo

We are a Class Dojo school! Please sign up for Class Dojo!

We are a class dojo school! Click to sign up for Class Dojo.

Affordable Connectivity Program

On November 15, 2021, President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (P.L. 117-58) into law, which established the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The ACP provides eligible households up to $30 a month, or $75 a month for households living on tribal lands, toward their internet bills, as well as a one-time discount of up to $100 to purchase a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet.

All households with a child approved to receive free or reduced-price school meals under the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) or the School Breakfast Program (SBP), within the last 12 months, including children who attend schools participating in the Community Eligibility Provision, are eligible for ACP benefits. Households are also eligible if a member of a household participates in certain federal benefit programs—including, among others, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, Medicaid, and Federal Public Housing Assistance. Please see the Affordable Connectivity Program notice for all the information.