Every Student, Every Day...Academic Excellence Is Our Ultimate Goal!
Stallworth Charter Schools

Staff Directory

Our administration, faculty, and staff at Stallworth know that each child is unique. We strive to help students develop their unique talents and abilities while also building the self-confidence and skills they need to succeed in our community. The faculty and staff truly care about each student. We take pride in employing only the most qualified educators who are passionate about educating tomorrow's future leaders. We encourage you to get to know the wonderful staff at Stallworth Charter.


Ms. Gayle Stallworth
Executive Director
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Mrs. Alice Stallworth
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Administrative Office Staff

Mrs. Elaine Moonie
Administrative Assistant
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Mrs. Capricia Garcia
Receptionist II
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Student Support Services

Dr. Victor Edinburgh
Counseling Services
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Dr. MaryAnn O'Neill
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Ms. Sheree Perry
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Mrs. Suzanne Montiel
1st Grade
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Mrs. Dina Weaver
2nd Grade
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Mrs. Espinoza
2nd Grade

Mrs. Shalinda Cooper
3rd Grade
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Mrs. Michelle Korac
4th Grade
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Mr. Casey Korac
5th Grade
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Mrs. Delphine Woodard
6th Grade
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Mr. Brown
7th/8th Grade Science

Ms. Krista Johnson
7th/8th Grade Math
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Ms. Michelle McCormick
7th/8th Grade English
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Mrs. Mercedes Miles-Brown

Coach Ernest Martin III
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Instructional Assistants

Mrs. Heather Galvan
Kindergarten IA
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Ms. Marie Stallworth
1st Grade IA
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Ms. Naomi Hayter
2nd Grade IA
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Ms. Mercedes Weston
3rd Grade IA
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Ms. Nefeteri Ferdinand
4th Grade IA
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Mrs. Caterina Thurman
5th Grade IA
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Mrs. Nicole Martin
6th Grade IA
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Ms. Leona Hamilton
7th Grade IA
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Mrs. Danielle Miles
8th Grade IA
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Mr. Jose Cruz
Instructional Assistant
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Ms. Alma Ochoa
EL Instructional Assistant
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Support Staff

Ms. Donisha Briscoe
Cafeteria Supervisor
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Mrs. Denise Dorsey
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Ms. E Ferdinand
School Liaison
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Mrs. Minnie Fridy
After School Program Director
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Ms. Tiffany Fridy
Computer Lab Tech
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Mr. Steven Garcia
Facility Manager
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Mr. Jarrett Moonie
Campus Security

Mr. Cornelius Stallworth

Ms. Shontay Stricklen
Cafeteria Assistant
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