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Stallworth Charter Schools

Special Education & Student Services Department

As professional educators, whether our role is in special education or general education, we share the obligation to support the success of all of our students. We strive to partner in this process, not only among our in-house staff but also with our parents and guardians to design inclusive educational climates, learning environments, and programs to ensure educational success for each student.

Our goal is to assist you in the further development of your child through research-based intervention, collaboration, communication, and consistency. Our department is committed to delivering quality and effective services that are universally accessible for all students in alignment with the district’s strategic mission and responsive to the needs of our families and community.

Student Support Staff

Dr. MaryAnn O'Neill
Clinical Director/Psychologist
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Mr. Benjamin Reece
Speech & Language Pathologist
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Mrs. Kristi Wagner-Martinho
Coordinator of Student Services/Resource Specialist
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Special Education Services
Counseling Services
Speech and Language Services